Linear Optimization - Software

   Vertex-bfs corresondences (from Lecture 10): Octave session
   degenerate bfs's (from Lecture 11): Octave session
   basic directions and reduced costs (from Lecture 13): Octave session
   optimality conditions, and min-ratio test (from Lecture 14): Octave session
   iterations of the simplex method (from Lecture 15): Octave session
   full tableau implemention of simplex method, and cycling (from Lecture 19): Octave session
   lexicographic rule, and big-M method for tableau simplex (from Lecture 20): Octave session
   full big-M method on an LP (from Lecture 21): Octave session
   Bland's rule (described in Lecture 22): Octave session
   Running time in Octave (in Lecture 27): Octave session

   Dude's Thursday problem (from Lecture 2): model,    AMPL session
   Farmer Jones LP (from AMPL handout): model, data    Session from Lecture 23
   Inventory scheduling LP (from AMPL handout): model, data    Session from Lecture 24
   School assignment LP (from AMPL handout and Homework 2): model, run commands, output;   Capacities, Populations, Distances
   Run time in AMPL/CPLEX, interpreting the dual (Lecture 27): session
   Writing the commands to run multiple instances in AMPL: session
   Oil refinery problem (BT-ILO 1.16, Homework 10): model, data,    output
   production planning (BT-ILO 1.15, Homework 10): model, data,    output

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