Feedback form for Math 220 (Fall 2013)

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The ratings vary from 1 (low) to 5 (high). Higher ratings indicate more positive feedback,
or higher degrees of agreement (1 means strongly disagree, 5 means strongly agree), and so on. Pick one alternative in each case.

About the course

The contents of the course match what I had expected. 1 (strongly disagree)   2   3   4   5 (strongly agree)   I had no idea coming in!
The level of Mathematics in this course is 1 (too easy)   2   3 (hard at times)   4   5 (too hard)   Oh.. is this a Math course??!
The amount of homework has been 1 (too little)   2   3 (just right)   4   5 (too much)   Dude! Homework SUCKS.
Homeworks have helped me to understand the material better. 1 (strongly disagree)   2   3 (quite a bit)   4   5 (strongly agree)   I told you Homework sucks.
Doing online homework has been 1 (hard to do)   2   3 (just about right)   4   5 (Great!!)   Didn't I tell you Homework sucks?
The use of software MATLAB has been 1 (a pain!)   2   3 (somewhat useful)   4   5 (very useful!!)   What the heck is MATLAB??
Anything else to say about the course?

About the Instructor

How well-prepared is Bala for the lectures? 1 (he has no clue!) 2   3 (ok) 4   5 (most well-prepped!!); Who is Bala?
Bala's lectures and explanations are 1 (pathetic!) 2   3 (I lose him sometimes) 4   5 (crystal clear!); He has no clue!
Use of tablet PC (and posting lecture notes) is 1 (hard to follow) 2   3 (good) 4   5 (Best ever!!) Bala should get an IPad!
Bala's availability (office hours, response to emails) has been 1 (too low) 2   3 (quite ok) 4   5 (highest ever!) I never seek help!
Bala is concerned about whether students learn something useful 1 (stongly disagree) 2   3 (ok) 4   5 (he cares the most!) But I don't care!
Anything else to say about Bala?

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