Twenty-Fourth Annual
T.G. Ostrom Lecture and Reception

Alan Hastings, Guest Lecturer
March 30, 2005

The Department of Mathematics was pleased to host the Twenty Fourth Annual T.G. Ostrom Lecture on March 30, 2005 in the Center for Undergraduate Education on the Washington State University campus. Alan Hastings, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and Policy from the University of California Davis, gave the twenty fourth annual lecture. Dr. Hastings spoke about "New approaches to the design of marine reserves" and how mathematical approaches can help in the design of marine protected areas (areas where fishing and other human activity which may harm the biota is banned). He discussed the biological background and the concepts underlying the use of simple mathematical models.

Dr. Hastings was also the guest lecturer for the Post-Ostrom Seminar which was held March 31, 2005 in Neill Hall 5W. The topic was, "Transient dynamics: the key to ecological understanding," in which he said that almost all analysis of mathematical models in ecology has focused on asymptotic behavior. He discussed what relevant ecological time scales were, and how relevant the asymptotic analysis may or may not be. He argued through the use of examples and using ideas drawn from dynamical systems, the importance of transients and how their prescence may be analyzed mathematically.

The following photos were taken during the reception that followed the Ostom Lecture. To view a larger print of the photo, please double click on it and wait for it to download.

UI visitor, Bill Joyce, Alan Hastings, Richard Gomulkiewicz.

Bill Joyce, UI visitor, V.S. Manoranjan.

T.G. Ostrom and Darrell Kent.

V.S. Manoranjan, Bala Krishnamoorthy, Duane DeTemple, Richard Gomulkiewicz, David Wollkind and Alan Hastings.

Bill Webb, David Watkins, Jeannette Martin.

Reception Cake.