COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Northwest Mathematics Conference
Whistler, British Columbia

Left to right: Kyanna Byrd, Aaron Doull, Miranda Cornille, Jaydon Troy, Whitney Hoddinott, Joshua Latella, Richard Zhao, and Dr. Hall.

Led by Dr. William Hall, a group of future secondary mathematics teachers (PreToM) attended the October 2018 Northwest Mathematics Conference (NWMC) held in Whistler, British Columbia.

At the conference students were able to learn about current educational issues taking place in the Pacific Northwest and hear talks from professional area educators. They had the opportunity to attend a diverse set of sessions covering topics such as the intersection of mathematics and science, using Desmos in the high school classroom, using standards-based grading, facilitating student group work as a teacher, as well as many more helpful subjects.

Reflecting on their weekend experience, students commented on how useful it was to hear practicing teachers discuss some of the concepts from the course texts they’ve been studying. Attending the conference allowed them to bond with each other, as well as with other students and teachers from the region outside of a regular classroom. The NMC is a transformative experience that exposes students to the broader professional world in which they have begun to participate, and attendance from WSU has become a long-standing fall tradition. Travel was made possible by funding from the Washington State Mathematics Council Educator Support Fund and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Left to right: Richard Zhao, Miranda Cornille, Jayden Troy, Kyanna Byrd, Whitney Hoddinott, Joshua Latella, and Aaron Doull.