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Cliff Joslyn

Chief Scientist for Knowledge Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Cliff Joslyn is the Chief Scientist for Knowledge Sciences at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in its Seattle office. He has been a leader in government information science research programs for over 20 years, including prior positions at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. He holds a PhD and MS in Systems Science from SUNY Binghamton, and a BA with High Honors in Cognitive Science and Mathematics from Oberlin College. As a mathematical systems theorist, his research activities include discrete mathematics and applications of order theory and finite topological models, knowledge discovery in multi-dimensional databases, semantic technologies and graph databases, computational semiotics, and generalized information theory. This has resulted in a range of theoretical and technological advancements in applications including scientific workflows, digital currency analysis, cyber systems analysis, homeland defense, threat anticipation, bioinformatics, law enforcement, spacecraft diagnosis, nuclear non-proliferation, and risk analysis.