COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Math Seminar: "Wasserstein barycenters and related problems: theory, numerics and applications"


2:30pm, Neill 106W

Dr. Guillaume Carlier

Abstract: A natural way to interpolate between several reference measures is to look for minimizers of the sum of squared Wasserstein distances to these reference measures, by analogy with the Euclidean case, such minimizers are called Wasserstein barycenters. The Wasserstein barycenter problem has applications in image processing and statistics and it appears as a special case of a multi-population matching problem arising in economics. I will give properties of Wasserstein barycenters, consider examples and explain how they can be computed. The talk will be based on several joint works with Martial Agueh, Ivar Ekeland, Adam Oberman and Edouard Oudet.