COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Applied Math Seminar: A Scoring function for mutagenesis in proteins


3:10pm, Neill 3W

Chris Deutsch

Abstract: Mutagenesis is the process of changing one or more amino acids in a protein so as to alter the function of the protein. The mutants (proteins with some residues changed) are usually created experimentally, and tested for their chemical behavior. We analyze the use of a four-body statistical scoring function to computationally predict the effects of mutations on the stability and reactivity of proteins. Defined using the Delaunay tessellation of proteins, the scoring function estimates the change in the sequence-structure compatibility of the protein when the mutations are made. For a wide variety of mutation data collected from the literature, the predictions of the four-body scoring function are in excellent agreement with the experimental observations. Note: Chris is currently a sophomore in WSU majoring in Biochemistry. This work is ongoing research that he is doing with Bala Krishnamoorthy as part of the UBM (Undergraduate Math-Biology) project.