COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Applied Seminar: Organizational Meeting


3:10 PM, Neill 3W

Mark Schumaker

APPLIED MATHEMATICS SEMINAR Spring Semester, 2006, 1 credit The Applied Mathematics Seminar is an informal seminar that will meet weekly with faculty and graduate student presentations. Participating faculty will usually talk about a topic of current research interest. Graduate students who wish to participate should add 1 credit of MATH 600 Section 2 (NOT Math 583). For one credit, the student should attend the weekly meetings. Students are invited to give one 45 minute presentation on a selected topic of interest to them. Advice about presentation or project topics and help with preparation can be obtained from any of the faculty participating in the seminar. The ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING will held ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11th at 3:10 PM in NEILL 3W.