COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Course information on 2018-07-01

Course Number-SectionTitleInstructor
103-01 Algebra Methods and Introduction to Func J. Eld
103-02 Algebra Methods and Introduction to Func S. Madrid
105-02 [QUAN] Exploring Mathematics R. Perrier
106-01 College Algebra C. Jacobs
106-02 College Algebra B. Rapone
108-01 Trigonometry L. Miller
108-02 Trigonometry M. Albaidani
171-01 [QUAN] Calculus I S. Nesaei
171-02 [QUAN] Calculus I J. Shim
171-Lecture1 [QUAN] Calculus I A. Sijuwade
172-01 Calculus II S. Nesaei
172-02 Calculus II S. Selmi
172-Lecture1 Calculus II P. Gupta
201-01 Mathematics for Business and Economics E. Wendler
201-02 Mathematics for Business and Economics J. Miller
202-01 [QUAN] Calculus for Business and Economi M. Wendler
202-03 [QUAN] Calculus for Business and Economi K. Vincent
212-01 [QUAN] Introduction to Statistical Metho .
212-02 [QUAN] Introduction to Statistical Metho M. Gongadze
212-Lecture1 [QUAN] Introduction to Statistical Metho .
216-01 Discrete Structures Y. Zhang
216-03 Discrete Structures Y. Cao
220-01 Introductory Linear Algebra H. Riely
220-03 Introductory Linear Algebra J. Glassett
273-01 Calculus III M. Rezapour
273-02 Calculus III M. Broussard
300-01 Mathematical Computing J. Streipel
301-01 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning M. Jobrack
315-01 Differential Equations A. Panchenko
360-01 Probability and Statistics D. Das
360-02 Probability and Statistics Y. Xing
370-01 Introductory Statistics for Engineers F. Pascual
412-01 Statistical Methods in Research I J. Morrison
440-01 Applied Mathematics I .
490-01 Topics in Mathematics .
499-02 Special Problems .
540-01 Applied Mathematics I .
597-01 Mathematics Instruction Seminar L. Knott
600-01 Special Projects or Independent Study (. Multiple)
800-01 Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or (. Multiple)