COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Course information on 2008-06-6

Course Number-SectionTitleInstructor
107-01 Elementary Functions C. Jacobs
140-01 Math for Life Scientists A. Yielding
171-02 Calculus I M. Hudelson
171-1 Calculus I E. Remaley
172-01 Calculus II A. Khapalov
172-02 Calculus II H. Yin
201-01 Finite Math for Business J. Kwon
201-02 Finite Math for Business P. Liu
201-3 Finite Math for Business C. Smith
202-01 Math Analysis for Business A. Kouznetsov
202-02 Math Analysis for Business C. Harwood
202-03 Math Analysis for Business B. Kealy
205-01 Statistical Thinking T. Stats
210-01 Intro to Mathematics R. Cangelosi
210-02 Intro to Mathematics D. Morris
210-03 Intro to Mathematics S. Eubanks
220-01 Introductory Linear Algebra J. Martin
220-02 Introductory Linear Algebra S. Lapin
251-01 Elementary Teaching I C. Pacioni
273-01 Calculus III E. Bodine
273-02 Calculus III A. Panchenko
315-01 Differential Equations K. Cooper
360-01 Probability & Statistics T. Stats
370-01 Introductory Statistics for Engineers T. Stats
440-01 Applied Mathematics I M. Kallaher
498-01 Career Experience Intership I. Unknown
499-01 Special Problems I. Unknown
540-01 Applied Mathematics 1 M. Kallaher
600-01 Special Projects or Independent Study I. Unknown
702-01 Master's Spec Problems, Dirct Stdy/Exam I. Unknown
800-01 Doctoral Research, Dissertation or Exam I. Unknown