COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Course information on 2008-04-11

Course Number-SectionTitleInstructor
090-01 Math T. Sfcc
091-01 Math T. Sfcc
092-01 Math T. Sfcc
099-01 Math T. Sfcc
107-01 Elementary Functions C. Jacobs
107-02 Elementary Functions M. Labrum
107-03 Elementary Functions T. Lougheed
107-04 Elementary Functions B. Kealy
107-05 Elementary Functions M. Huffaker
107-06 Elementary Functions N. Hamlin
110-01 Math Tutoring C. Pacioni
110-02 Math Tutoring K. Honeyman
110-03 Math Tutoring M. Tonnemacher
110-04 Math Tutoring M. Tonnemacher
110-05 Math Tutoring K. Honeyman
111-01 Math Tutoring C. Pacioni
111-02 Math Tutoring M. Tonnemacher
111-03 Math Tutoring C. Pacioni
111-04 Math Tutoring K. Honeyman
140-01 Math Life Sc R. Sadiq
140-02 Math Life Sc K. Vincent
171 - Lecture 1 Calculus 1 Lecture E. Remaley
171 Lecture 2 Calculus I Lecture S. Lapin
171-01 Calculus I Lab L. Ellison
171-02 Calculus I Lab A. Stevens
171-03 Calculus I Lab I. Lee
171-04 Calculus I Lab J. Sun
171-05 Calculus I Lab I. Lee
171-06 Calculus I Lab L. Ellison
171-07 Calculus I Lab J. Sun
171-08 Calculus I Lab M. Labrum
171-09 Calculus I Lab A. Stevens
172 - Lecture 1 Calculus II Lecture M. Hudelson
172 - Lecture 2 Calculus II Lecture M. Schumaker
172-01 Calculus II Lab Y. Tian
172-02 Calculus II Lab J. Kwon
172-03 Calculus II Lab H. Duong
172-04 Calculus II Lab H. Duong
172-05 Calculus II Lab J. Kwon
172-06 Calculus II Lab P. Liu
172-07 Calculus II Lab Y. Tian
201-01 Finite Math D. Zhang
201-02 Finite Math C. Smith
201-03 Finite Math P. Liu
201-04 Finite Math D. Zhang
202-01 Intro to Math Analysis D. Allen
202-02 Intro to Math Analysis C. Smith
202-03 Intro to Math Analysis C. Smith
202-04 Intro to Math Analysis D. Zhang
205-01 Stat Thinking T. Stats
206-01 Math Analysis for Architects J. Martin
210-01 Intro to Mathematics R. Cangelosi
210-02 Intro to Mathematics R. Sadiq
210-03 Intro to Mathematics R. Sadiq
210-04 Intro to Mathematics C. Pacioni
210-05 Intro to Mathematics S. Eubanks
210-06 Intro to Mathematics J. Burk
210-07 Intro to Mathematics E. Bodine
210-08 Intro to Mathematics L. Yang
210-09 Intro to Mathematics A. Yielding
212-01 Stat Methods T. Stats
216-01 Discrete Structures D. Allen
220-01 Intro to Linear Algebra J. Martin
220-02 Intro to Linear Algebra E. Remaley
230-01 Honors Intro Linear Algebra M. Tsatsomeros
251-01 Elem Tech I C. Jacobs
251-02 Elem Tech I J. Martin
251-03 Elem Tech I J. Hughes
252-01 Elem Tech II J. Hughes
252-02 Elem Tech II C. Jacobs
252-03 Elem Tech II C. Pacioni
273-01 Calculus III J. Mcdonald
273-02 Calculus III N. Moyer
283-01 Honors Calculus III W. Webb
301-01 Math Reasoning D. Detemple
301-02 Math Reasoning I. Unknown
315-01 Differential Equations D. Wollkind
315-02 Differential Equations R. Gomulkiewicz
320-01 Elementary Modern Algebra K. Vincent
325-01 Elementary Combinatorics D. Detemple
351-01 Math for Elementary School Teachers -.
360-01 Prob & Stats T. Stats
360-02 Prob & Stats T. Stats
364-01 Principles of Optimization A. Genz
370-01 Intro Statistics for Engineers T. Stats
398-01 Mathematical Snapshot M. Kallaher
402-01 Intro to Analysis II A. Panchenko
415-01 Introduction to Dynamical Systems B. Dillon
421-01 Algebraic Structures J. Mcdonald
423-01 Stat Methods J. Pascual
432-01 Math for College and Secondary Teachers S. Cooper
440-01 Appl Math I E. Remaley
441-01 Appl Math II A. Panchenko
443-01 Applied Probability M. Jacroux
448-01 Num Analysis S. Lapin
456-01 Int Stat Think K. Jandhyala
464-01 Operations Research R. Mifflin
486-01 Math Modeling in the Natural Science -.
494-01 Seminar in Mathematical Biology I. Unknown
497-01 Instructional Practicum C. Smith
497-02 Instructional Precticum I. Unknown
498-01 Career Experience Internship N. O
499-01 Special Problems I. Unknown
499-02 Special Problems I. Unknown
502-01 Intro to Functional Analysis H. Yin
504-01 Measure and Integration I. Unknown
507-01 Advanced Theory of Numbers W. Webb
508-01 Topics in Applied Analysis N. O
511-01 Advanced Linear Algebra M. Tsatsomeros
512-1 Ordinary Differential Equations -.
523-01 Stat Methods J. Pascual
532-01 Math for College and Secondary Teachers S. Cooper
534-01 Approaches to Mathematics Teaching N. O
540-01 Applied Math I E. Remaley
541-01 Appl Math II A. Panchenko
543-01 Approximation Theory N. O
544-01 Advanced Matrix Computations A. Genz
548-01 Num Analysis S. Lapin
555-01 Topics in Combinatorics -.
556-01 Introduction to Statistical Theory K. Jandhyala
561-01 Partical Differential Equations II N. O
565-01 Nonlinear Optimization II A. Ariyawansa
569-01 Statistical Theory II N. O
571-01 Math Foundations-Continuum Mechanics II D. Wollkind
573-01 Reliability N. O
574-01 Topics in Optimization B. Krishnamoorthy
581-01 Seminar in Analysis H. Yin
582-01 Seminar in Algebra J. Mcdonald
583-01 Sem App Math I. Unknown
584-01 Seminar Geometry D. Detemple
586-01 Math Modeling in the Natural Science -.
592-01 Seminar in the History of Mathematics II M. Kallaher
597-01 Math Instruction Seminar C. Jacobs
597-02 Math Instruction Seminar E. Remaley
597-03 Math Instruction Seminar M. Hudelson
600-01 Special Projects, Independent Study I. Unknown
600-02 Applied Math Seminar M. Schumaker
600-03 Algebra Seminar J. Mcdonald
600-04 Math Computing Seminar I. Unknown
602-01 Math Internship I. Unknown
702-1 MS Directed Study I. Unknown
800-01 Doctoral Research I. Unknown