COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Course information on 2005-10-27

Course Number-SectionTitleInstructor
172-01 Calculus II A. Young
201-05 Finite Math J. Miller
597-171 Prac Instr A. Khapalov
597-172 Prac Instr B. Dillon
591-01 SEM HIST MAT D. DeTemple
448-01 Numerical Analysis B. Dillon
497-02 Inst Prac I. Unknown
516-01 Sim Meth A. Ariyawansa
553-01 Graph Theory W. Webb
570-01 Math Found of Cont Mech D. Wollkind
600-01 Spec Proj Ind Study I. Unknown
505-01 Abstract Algebra J. McDonald
510-01 Topics in Prob and Stats I. Unknown
525-01 Gen Topology D. Kent
583-01 Seminar App Math B. Krishnamoorthy
563-01 Math Gen R. Gomulkiewicz
536-01 Lab Stat Compt T. Stats
531-01 Inter Cult and Math S. Cooper
201-06 Finite Math S. Rao
545-01 Num Anal of Evol Equations V. Manoranjan
800-01 Doct Diss Ex I. Unknown
700-01 Mast Th Ex I. Unknown
702-01 Mast Dir St I. Unknown
172-06 Calculus II H. Zhou
602-01 Intership I. Unknown
600-02 Sp Pr/Ind St M. Schumaker
600-03 Sp Pr/Ind St J. Mcdonald
171-11 Calculus I Y. Sun
220-03 Intro to Linear Algebra D. Morris
499-02 Spec Prob I. Unknown
212-12 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-11 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-10 Stat Methods T. Stats
107-08 Elem Functions C. Jacobs
171-03 Calculus I O. Slyusareva
171-07 Calculus I P. Liu
171-08 Calculus I N. Moyer
171-09 Calculus I P. Liu
171-10 Calculus I Y. Sun
172-02 Calculus II A. Young
172-03 Calculus II N. Moyer
172-04 Calculus II A. Fowler
172-05 Calculus II A. Fowler
212-01 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-02 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-03 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-04 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-05 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-06 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-07 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-08 Stat Methods T. Stats
212-09 Stat Methods T. Stats
273-02 Calcus III K. Griffin
300-01 Math Computg K. Cooper
303-01 Higher Geo M. Kallaher
315-01 Diff Equats D. Watkins
315-02 Diff Equats A. Panchenko
360-02 Prob and Stats T. Stats
330-01 Sec Mat Meth K. Vincent
360-01 Prob & Stat M. Jacroux
364-01 Prin Optim B. Krishnamoorthy
370-01 Stats Engrs H. Li
408-01 Math for Econ I. Unknown
401-01 Analysis I S. Cooper
548-01 Numerical Analysis B. Dillon
416-01 Sim Meth A. Ariyawansa
420-01 Linear Alg M. Tsatsomeros
440-01 Appl Math I M. Schumaker
443-01 App Probabil V. Jandhyala
443-02 App Probabil T. Stats
172-Lecture 1 Calculus II B. Dillon
453-01 Graph Theory W. Webb
499-01 Spec Prob I. Unknown
498-01 Career Exp Intern I. Unknown
497-01 Instr Pract I. Unknown
171-Lecture 2 Calculs I E. Remaley
500-01 Proseminar D. Detemple
501-01 Real Anayls H. Yin
107-10 Elem Functions T. Kumar
536-01 Stat Compt T. Stats
540-01 Appl Math I M. Schumaker
171-06 Calculus I O. Slyusareva
597-107 Prac Instr M. Wallace
564-01 Optimization R. Mifflin
572-01 Quality Cntrl J. Pascual
581-01 Seminar I. Unknown
582-01 Seminar Algebra I. Unknown
584-01 Sem Top Geom D. Detemple
585-01 Sem Num Th I. Unknown
273-01 Calculus III E. Mapes
252-03 Elem Tch II C. Jacobs
252-01 Elem Tch II C. Smith
252-02 Elem Tch II K. Vincent
410-01 Topics in Prob and Stats T. Stats
220-02 Intro to Linear Algebra B. Krishnamoorthy
251-01 Elem Tch J. Martin
251-02 Elem Tch M. Wallace
216-01 Discrete Structures C. Jacobs
220-01 Intro to Linear Algebra J. Martin
210-10 Intro to Mathematics C. Pacioni
210-09 Intro to Mathematics J. Martin
210-08 Intro to Mathematics M. Mccain
210-07 Intro to Mathematics M. Mccain
210-06 Intro to Mathematics E. Mapes
210-05 Intro to Mathematics C. Pacioni
210-04 Intro to Mathematics J. Miller
210-02 Intro to Mathematics M. Mccain
210-03 Intro to Mathematics E. Mapes
205-01 Stat Thinking K. Jandhyala
210-01 Intro to Mathematics A. Yielding
202-03 Intro to Math Analysis M. Kallaher
202-01 Intro to Math Analysis E. Remaley
202-02 Intro to Math Analysis C. Smith
201-04 Finite Math M. Wallace
201-03 Finite Math E. Remaley
201-02 Finite Math E. Mapes
201-01 Finite Math C. Jacobs
182-01 Honors Calculus D. Detemple
171-05 Calculus I J. Chuba
171-04 Calculus I J. Chuba
251-03 Elem Tch C. Smith
172-7 Calculus II H. Zhou
107-11 Elem Functions M. Wallace
107-12 Elem Functions J. Jeon
171-01 Calculus I K. Kurek
107-01 Elem Functions C. Pacioni
107-02 Elem Functions T. Lackner
107-03 Elem Functions S. Eubanks
107-04 Elem Functions L. Morris
107-05 Elem Functions R. David
107-06 Elem Functions M. Wallace
107-07 Elem Functions C. Pacioni
171-02 Calculus I K. Kurek
107-09 Elem Functions M. Mccain
171-Lecture 1 Calculus I A. Khapalov
140-01 Math for Life Scientists E. Pate
140-02 Math for Life Scientists M. Tsatsomeros
172-Lecture 2 Calculus II H. Yin
431-01 Inter Cult and Math S. Cooper
090-01 Math T. Sfcc
091-01 Math T. Sfcc
099-01 Math T. Sfcc
110-01 Math Tutorial T. Lackner
110-02 Math Tutorial S. Eubanks
110-03 Math Tutorial L. Morris
110-04 Math Tutorial R. David
110-05 Math Tutorial J. Jeon
110-06 Math Tutorial S. Mukherjee
110-07 Math Tutorial J. Noel
110-09 Math Tutorial L. Tripp
110-10 Math Tutorial M. Arthur
110-11 Math Tutorial V. Prokhorova
110-08 Math Tutorial T. Wilson